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Schizophrenia ensues.

I haven't posted here since St. Patrick's Day. And what may appear as laxity to whomever views this page is in fact the result of the CRAZY, FRENETIC activity in my life at the moment.

Here's what's gone down since my last post: MixTape Dance had our show at the Manhattan Movement and Arts Center. It was smashing. If you like feel-good music and creative choreography, you'll want to stay tuned for our next show in the Fall.

A few days before that I played with Four Women (With and Axe to Grind) at the Clemente Soto Velez with Kris Davis, Mazz Swift, and Patricia Parker. Probably one of my favorite gigs I've played so far this year, hands down. Such a beautiful meeting of spirits...we'll be playing again on June 25th. Come through.

There's something about playing with other women that really taps into a different creative energy. Just a few weeks ago, after playing with DeBUNK at the Delancey, I had a rehearsal with Valerie Kuehne and Natalia Steinbach,…