Thanks for checking out my new website. There's so much going on right now in the city. Last Saturday, I went to the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival in Marcus Garvey Park and saw Revive Da Live, JD Allen, Jason Moran and the Bandwagon, and (gasp) McCoy Tyner. It was unbelievable (despite the fact that I accidentally sat on an anthill at one point, there were NO seats available!). Still, the vibe was great. There's nothing like Harlem in the summertime. :) I also just finished up a tour with the Kevin Haden Trio this past month. We ventured upstate and into Boston, then back over to Pennsylvania. Getting my djembe chops together...hopefully they'll be at another level for our next tour. As for myself, I've got a few shows coming up with my new group, Free Association. I'm so excited to be playing with some of my favorite musicians. Check out the Schedule for details. Hope to see you all soon! Stay beautiful, Tiffany