The Triumphant Return of Free Association and the Impending Arrival of other Marvelous Things

Thanksgiving is almost here, and I for one have about a billion things to be thankful for, including some old and new projects in the making. I've been taking some time to compose new music, session with some new people, and eat at different slices of the human experience, including but not limited to: getting cozy with my true love, volunteer teaching Spanish to Harlem third graders, and...jury duty. -_-

All that is going to make its way into the music somehow.

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of playing with the Sound Band, a free jazz big band with some awesome musicians including Michael Wimberly, Kirk Knuffke, Max Johnson, Yoni Kretzmer, Ras Moshe, Matt Lavelle, Tor Snyder, among others. The concert was a tribute to the late great trumpeter Raphe Malik, and was conducted by the not-late but also great Sabir Mateen, whom I adore.

This past Saturday was the return of Free Association at Freddy's Backroom in Brooklyn. You can check out a video clip for our tune "The Raven and the Writing Desk" from that gig HERE! The band is sounding better and better every time, and I'm so thankful to have Jonah, Ross, and Evan to make music with.

Coming up: experimental hip-hop trio w/ violin and turntables, duo concert with flute revolutionary Robert Dick, and a mystery gig with Ras Moshe.

But first, I'm gonna go to Rhode Island and eat some deep-fried turkey. :) Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!



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