On Sunday afternoon, I had the pleasure of playing duo with Michael Attias at the Dias y Flores Gardens. My boyfriend Mike helped me schlep my entire drum set down to the East Village (despite the L Train not running), which in itself was quite a feat.

But totally worth it. Playing outdoors is always so refreshing, especially on a gorgeous sunny day like Sunday.

After we played, I grabbed a slice of Artichoke pizza with Mike and we just kicked in on 14th street for a couple hours. Then our little caravan of two headed over to the West Village to play another improvised set with Three Spoke Wheel, my new trio with Avi Granite and Danny Gouker, at the Brecht Forum at 10pm. The Music Now! Series, curated by Ras Moshe, takes place in a beautiful, semi-circular space by the Westside Highway.

Then, on Monday night, I had the honor of playing at the Kabayitos Theatre as part of the Tribute to Ed Blackwell percussion circle, conducted by William Parker and Gerald Cleaver. Several other drummers were present, including Michael T.A. Thompson, Juan Pablo Carletti, Max Jaffe, and Devin Gray. The challenge of playing with other percussionists was slightly daunting at first, but it turned out to be a really rich and therapeutic, albeit brief, experience.

My love to Ed Blackwell, who inspired us all to be there on Monday night.

Stay Beautiful,


  1. トリーバーチ フラットはエナメル素材を使用してあるから、光沢感たっぷり、履き心地良さも文句なし、これほど素晴らしい靴は見た事ないです。ショッピングの時の大分楽になった、長時間歩んでも全然疲れない、足に負担を掛からないように工夫してある。トリーバーチは普段使いからパーティーシーンまで幅広く使えるブランドです、周りの視線を惹かれる、自身の存在感をさらにアップします。


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