It's September 11th in New York, and the city is all a-buzz with musical events, memorial ceremonies, and lots and lots of PO-lice. And besides some tentative plans to go see Arts for Art's From the Ashes Concert this afternoon at the Clemente Soto Velez, I don't plan on going anywhere.

Why? Because I'm exhausted. And here's why:

Last night, I got home at 3AM after playing a gig at the Reverb Nation showcase at Biddy Early's with Russian pop/rock singer Ellina Graypel. The music was deceptively challenging, but it was still a lot of fun to rock out with a bunch of Eastern Europeans (and a dancer named Gorgas).

The night before, I performed at Jazz By the Riverside--Backstage Pass with Avi Granite and Danny Gouker. Our new trio, Three Spoke Wheel (band name pending), is another free/improvised music project, but with musical devices that allow us to shape the composition collectively. The concert was a sort of open rehearsal, located on the beautiful 10th Floor performance space at Riverside Church. The acoustics were amazing and the view of the river was breathtaking. But I'm mostly surprised at the crowd---my great friend Gail Wright came to support, there was an awesome artist named Hailesimo dispalying his art. The highlight of the night was having Clarissa Sinceno sing "Strange Fruit" over an improvisation. It was crazy deep.

Working on booking some more gigs for Free Association in the Autumn/Fall Season. Stay tuned.

Stay Beautiful,


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