Thank God it's Friday.

It's been a crazy week. On Tuesday night Free Association played at the Local 269 to a packed house. Unfortunately, Evan's bass cracked near the headpiece right before the gig, so Ross, Jonah and I had to play trio.We're awaiting the mixed recording of that, I'm excited to see how it came out. I'll be sure to post it on Tiffany Chang's Free Association's website soon.

On Wednesday, I played in Washington Square Park with bassist Jonah Jonathan, Amanda Sedgwick, Satish, Robertson, and Dwayne Clemons. It was a GORGEOUS day, so we stayed out pretty much all day. Some random dude even gave us a giant blue tiger stuffed animal. Which we did not take home. You just never know where those things have been...

Thursday night was Lime Leaf as usual, with an after hang with my good friend and wonderful pianist Rema Shimamura at Zinc Bar to see Jason Lindner's Breeding Ground. Then off to the Fat Cat for the late night hang...

Home last night at 4:30. Session with Michael Attias and Ben Syversen, then off to Greenwich Village Bistro tonight to play with Jonah Jonathan and some complete strangers.

Life is good.


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