It Might As Well Be Spring....

I don't know about you guys, but...I'm pretty ready for winter to be over. And I think it finally might be...64 degrees today. Woohoo!

Last week's gig at the Local 269 was a lot of fun....the band is sounding better and better all the time, and we're excited that we'll be playing at the Konceptions series @ Korzo, in Brooklyn, in June.

Speaking of the band, my bari player, Jonah, put together this wonderful night of music at the Local 269 this past Wednesday with four bands: The Chives, The Fullsome Five, Lucas Pino's No Net Nonet, and Michiana, which was a solo baritone saxophone set that Jonah played. It was a great hang, and the music was mind-blowing. So inspiring to see so many young players emerging with their own projects.

I've also been working on putting together some gigs in Taiwan for the Autumn season, probably mid-September to mid-October time frame. I'm really excited to be going back to Taipei and playing with some Taiwanese will be interesting to check out what the scene is like on the other side of the world where people walk upside down ;) I'll have more details on that trip later.

I'll have more news for you soon. Thanks for visiting!

Stay beautiful,


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