Free Association @ The Local 269!

It's always a pleasure to play on the Lower East Side. It seems like a lot of venues for improvised, contemporary and experimental music are popping up in that neighborhood.

::shrug:: I guess they don't call it downtown music for nothing.

Anyway, tomorrow night, we're planning to play at the Local 269 again, with the whole crew. I hope you can come out. Set starts at 11pm. Hope to see you there!

Yesterday, Evan and I played a session with James Carney, a great pianist/composer and a contemporary of my mentor Ralph Alessi. We both had a great time playing some of all of our compositions...and I even did some on-the-spot sight-reading on Jim's grand piano...I'm a little rusty since my piano-playing days, but it's always a blast...

By the way, if ya'll haven't checked our James Carney's Konceptions series at Korzo in Brooklyn, you should. Great ambience, great food, drinks, and music...I highly recommend it.

Thanks, and stay beautiful!



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