Search & Restore: Help Jazz!

So a good friend and colleague of mine, Adam Schatz, has been heading a non-profit organization called Search & Restore that is aimed at creating a more sustainable modern jazz community by bridging the gap between new artists and new audiences. Currently, they are raising $75,000 through to support these efforts, which have been responsible for many successful live concerts and festivals around New York City, including the Undead Jazz Festival.

In order to help promote this effort, Adam asked me to record a 25-second improvisation to raise $25 per viewer, and post it on YouTube. Check it out here!!!

I am fortunate to be one of many young jazz musicians just starting out here on the New York scene, and helping Search & Restore means helping us sustain and grow a larger audience for live music here in the city. If you can, I hope you will donate $25 or find other ways to help at Your support for this organization can go a long way.

Thanks for listening!!!



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